Personality Test

Understand your personality according the the Enneagram system. There are nine personality types. Each type is represented by a number (1 – 9) and a nickname (like “perfectionist” or “giver” and so forth).

Knowing your and your partner’s personality types helps you better understand one another even before you get to your retreat. It also offers information about how you fit together as the unique couple you are. Knowing this can help unlock stuck patterns and distressing dynamics in your relationship.

You may relate strongly to just one main type. Or you may recognize aspects of several types. Figure out your top three.

There are two “Initial Teaser Tests” below. They just get your toes wet and do not go deeply enough. The real assessment is the “Final Detailed Test” at the bottom of this page. It includes listening to audio descriptions of types you relate to.

Initial Teaser Tests

These are two Initial Teaser Tests we found on other websites that offer starting guesses at your personality. We have not found them accurate enough to reliably determine your type. But they do start you out thinking about your type.

Write down the top three type numbers you get as potential starting points for the Final Detailed Test listed next. That final test includes the vital audio descriptions where you can gain a more accurate sense of type.

Take the Initial Teaser Tests here »

The Final Detailed Test

Allow at least a couple of hours for this Final Detailed Test. It starts with you choosing between written descriptions and it finishes with you listening to audio presentations of these personality types.

It is vital that you listen to the audio descriptions. The reading that starts this test will not be enough to fully understand your type. This is where the audio descriptions come in. You need to invest at least a couple of hours in listening to the audio descriptions of at least a couple of personality types.

In addition to providing us high quality information about you and your partner at the start of your retreat, this testing is meant to help you now to start better understanding each other. So listen to the audios for the types you identify with. You may be surprised by what you hear. Spend time sharing this information with each other, and listen to each other’s audios.

Start your Final Detailed Test here »