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The Love & Relationship Quiz

There are five brief questions below that will test your beliefs about what enables lasting love and happiness in a relationship.

This deceptively simple quiz gets to the heart of the matter. What do you think are the keys to long term relationship satisfaction?

What's the best way to know you're in a great relationship?

How can partners best resolve relationship issues?

The "honeymoon" is the phase of relationship that:

When big problems or differences arise in a relationship, it is:

What's the main difference between couples who share lasting happiness and those who don't?

Want a Relationship where Love Thrives?

Lasting happiness does not just "happen" all by itself. It is not a matter of "luck" or finding the "right" person. You also need to know how to keep your relationship on a positive track. All relationships get tested.

Mature Couple Having Arguement At HomeThe key to lasting happiness in love is having the right tools to successfully handle the inevitable challenges that arise.

The road to "happily ever after" has many bumps along the way. You have to know how to navigate each bump you encounter.

The final question on the quiz is taken from research on couples satisfaction. A popular belief is that happy couples don't have as many issues or differences to deal with. But actual research debunks this myth.

It is a false notion that happy couples have fewer issues. All couples have to deal with upsets and differences. Couples who maintain high levels of satisfaction have the tools to resolve issues, work through differences, repair rifts, and keep love strong.