Relationship Help & Advice Books

Here are a few relationship help books by Dr. John Grey. Each provides a comprehensive package of relationship advice that can help you experience the love and happiness you truly want.

Relationship Tools for Positive ChangeRelationship Tools for Positive Change

Relationship Help Book to Heal Upsets and Strengthen Love

Couples who stay happy have the tools to keep love and good feelings alive, even through the tests of time. They know how to work through the inevitable challenges that all couples encounter — and do so in a way that strengthens their loving connection. All relationships run into rough spots. To have lasting satisfaction, you need to know how to keep love strong and to truly resolve your differences.

The book provides clear tools to prevent the reactive patterns many couples fall into. You will learn how to communicate well, handle difficult feelings, and build a positive connection. The author, John Grey, PhD, speaks from over 25 years of helping couples to create happy, fulfilling relationships. Get the most effective relationship tools and strategies available today, all in an easy-to-read book.

If you do not have the uplifting relationship you want — things can change — and you can do something about it. You just need the right tools to succeed. In this book, you will learn practical, effective methods to overcome problems and issues, communicate effectively, get your needs met, and build a secure relationship filled with positive actions and love. You will gain the tools to build a strong shared vision, heal upset feelings and old wounds, and deepen trust, joy and happiness in being together. 

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Relationship Advisor Relationship Advisor

An Interactive Relationship Help System for Love Advice

This is a remarkable source of relationship advice. More than a book, it’s almost like getting live relationship coaching! Because it is interactive, it goes beyond what a linear book can offer. It’s always on tap to give you relationship help — whenever you need advice, have a question, or want to resolve an issue or problem in love.

This self-help tool is always ready to assist you to overcome challenges in love. Use it as your own personal coach to get relationship advice in any situation. It will give you new perspective on whatever matter you want to explore — a perspective that expands your options to manifest the loving relationship you truly want.

You can use these cards on your own for new insights and relationship advice on any matter you are facing. Or you can use them with a partner, and you will open new doors to better communication, deeper understanding and appreciation for one another. Some consider this a deck of highly insightful flash cards while others enjoy using them like a type of relationship advice oracle that helps answer questions about love. Either way, these cards are fun and entertaining to use! 

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Five-Minute Relationship RepairFive-Minute Relationship Repair

The Relationship Advice Book No Couple Should Be Without

Some couples seem to have the key to long-term happiness in love. But then there’s the rest of us, who start encountering problems once our honeymoon period is over. We run into disagreements, differences, disappointments. We get triggered. We find our loving feelings gradually disappear as we experience more misunderstandings and reactive communication cycles.

Lasting happiness depends on a couple’s capacity to repair the inevitable rifts, large and small, that come up in any relationship. Neuroscience demonstrates that it’s best to repair such upsets rapidly. Otherwise we will fall into increasingly damaging reactive cycles. You can prevent such buildup, and keep the slate clean, if you know how to repair. And did you know that good repair can be done in five minutes or less?

Based on the latest research, this relationship help book shows you how, step-by-step, to engage in effective, reparative communication. You will learn how to express yourself constructively, truly resolve problems, and get your core needs met. Following its guidance, you can turn any difference into an opportunity to build more love and trust. In its pages you will discover the language of lasting love, where you and your partner speak and act in ways that foster ongoing happiness and thriving intimacy.

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