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Books by Dr. John Grey. Get a comprehensive package of relationship advice that can help you share the love and happiness you truly want.

Relationship Tools for Positive ChangeRelationship Tools for Positive Change

Resolve Conflict, Stay Connected, Share Lasting Happiness

Couples who stay happy have the tools to keep love and good feelings alive, even through the tests of time. They know how to work through the inevitable challenges that all couples encounter — and do so in a way that strengthens loving connection. To have lasting satisfaction, you need to know how to keep love strong and resolve your differences.

Get immediate relationship help from an entertaining and informative book that gives you practical tools to overcome problems and issues, heal upset feelings, communicate and get positive results, and maximize shared happiness and love.

“Of help to anyone wishing to repair an ailing relationship. John is a highly intelligent force in the field of science and relationships.”
Stan Tatkin, Wired for Love

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Five-Minute Relationship RepairFive-Minute Relationship Repair

Relationship Advice No Couple Should Be Without

Lasting happiness depends on a couple’s capacity to repair the inevitable rifts that come up in relationship. Based on the latest research, this relationship help book shows you how, step-by-step, to engage in effective, reparative communication. You will learn how to express yourself constructively, truly resolve problems, and get your core needs met.

Following its guidance, you can turn any difference into an opportunity to build more love and trust. In its pages you will discover the language of lasting love, where you and your partner speak and act in ways that foster ongoing happiness and thriving intimacy.

“With the practices offered in this book, you have everything you need to create a secure, lasting bond with your partner.”
— Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Couples Soul

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