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What Results Can You Get?

Your retreat will be tailored to meet your personal issues, goals, and circumstances. Working with us will give you new clarity, and increased effectiveness in communication to get your needs met and achieve the positive results you want.

In a retreat, we will coach you to overcome reactive cycles and negative patterns, to heal emotional wounds and repair relationship ruptures, to renew positive feelings and connection, and to cultivate a deeper shared vision and make new agreements. We will provide you with key tools to get your relationship moving in a positive direction where you can maximize shared happiness and minimize distress.

Just as importantly, you will learn exactly how to keep it on a positive track once you return home. Unlike one-size-fits-all marriage seminars, marriage counseling retreats, or religion-based marriage encounters, our program is tailored around your specific agenda. It is aimed to meet your particular circumstances, needs, and goals. And to do so with respect to your unique personality styles.

Typical Goals & Results for a Retreat

Here are some of the common relationship skills, tools, and results that couples typically acquire at an intensive retreat with us:

  • Prevent negative patterns, upsets and conflicts — Learn why relationships get stuck, how couples polarize over differences, and why issues build up over time. See how your specific personalities interact, and recognize the key challenges and how to transform those. Learn what to say or do to prevent getting stuck in negative communication, and to keep things moving forward on a positive track.
  • Overcome reactive cycles and core distress — Every couple has some unconscious reactive cycle that will erode their ability to feel connected and happy. Such cycles make solving issues impossible. They lead to blame, attacks, or shutting down. Recognize your cycle and get tools to stop its painful grip so that you can get your real needs met, reconnect, and share positive feelings together.
  • Engage in effective positive communication — Learn a set of key strategies to prevent poor communication under any circumstances. Know how to communicate very well, even with difficult matters. Gain tools that enable you to have your views heard, to make effective requests, to set healthy personal boundaries, to avoid emotional gridlock, and to truly resolve issues.
  • Repair emotional wounds and negative feelings — Unhealed emotional wounds are at the root of all relationship problems. Learn tools to resolve emotionally charged issues and heal rifts and ruptures. Develop new tools together for how to repair upsets, stay connected, and release old baggage. Learn to communicate better in any situation and make sure both partners’ emotional needs are met.
  • Collaborate instead of fighting or shutting down — Learn how to use positive communication to reach win-win outcomes. Understand what works, and what doesn’t, to resolve differences and make sure all decisions are good for both of you. Establish a solid foundation that gives vital strength to your relationship, one which creates a sense of shared purpose and operating like a team.
  • Build trust and positive connection — Gain essential tools to be proactive with constructive behaviors that increase trust, mutual understanding and satisfaction. Redawaken positive shared feelings and mutual happiness. Strengthen appreciation and positive heartfelt connection. Make specific new agreements to support increased harmony and positive growth on a daily basis.

The work in the areas above, and the focus that is held will be tailored to match your personality styles and agendas.

Each couple and each person is different. What works for one person does not work for another. That’s why standardized approaches, found in normal therapy and group workshops, so often fail to produce results.

Our coaching is flexible and skillful enough to address the particular wants and needs of each unique individual.

Overcome Blocks & Transform Your Marriage

Your retreat is devoted to going into depth with regard to your goals and issues. And doing so in exactly the way that best supports you to succeed. Depending on your specific goals, you might acquire tools and strategies to achieve any of the following — or even more:

  • Gain clarity and take positive action
  • Increase positive feelings and satisfaction
  • Turn problems into opportunities and solutions
  • Communicate skillfully and effectively
  • Change unsatisfactory interaction patterns
  • Break impasses and get unstuck
  • Gain new strategies to resolve differences
  • Build trust and a strong foundation
  • Handle charged issues without sinking into negativity
  • Make effective requests and agreements
  • Release and heal old emotional baggage
  • Renew appreciation and affection
  • Gain tools to soothe and heal upset feelings

The above is a list of possibilities. Working with us will go wherever you want or need to go, to help you acquire the tools and strategies to make whatever breakthrough that would serve you, and move your relationship forward in a new, positive direction.