Details About Our Marriage Retreats

Below are logistical details about the three different marriage retreat programs we offer. We also call these couples retreats, as non-married partners are welcome to attend.

During the pandemic, we also call these virtual couples retreats or online marriage intensives, as we conduct them using Zoom.

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Virtual Retreats via Zoom during COVID-19

We are located in California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Sonoma County. Because in-person retreats are super-spreaders for transmitting COVID-19, during this ongoing pandemic we are conducting virtual retreats online using Zoom.

Having used online video for years, we effectively deliver best-in-class relationship help. Couples find our online intensive program to be equal in effectiveness to our in-person retreats. Here’s what some couples recently said about our online work:

“We were initially quite apprehensive about doing an intensive retreat online vs. in person. But John coached us the same as if we were together. In hindsight, there are no negatives to doing this online, and there are some real positives.” 

“During this stay-at-home period the online intensive we did with you has literally saved our marriage. We are so glad we found you. And we thank you for the security we have found with each other through working with you.”  

“We’re definitely glad we did the retreat virtually. The comfort and safety of being in our own home made such a big difference. We wouldn’t have been as comfortable doing it somewhere else. Although getting away from home is the common idea about a retreat, that would not have at all been as good as how secure we felt at our place.”

“This has been awesome to do during the Coronavirus time. We’re really grateful for you. We really weren’t doing very well. This all has been really effective. It finally feels like we are really a team and we own our relationship as real partners.”

“I first thought ‘I don’t want to do it virtually.’ I thought I wouldn’t get as much out of it. But now I can say that it was life-changing. It really opened our eyes and our hearts. We are very happy with the results. Doing it online was actually much better for us.”

Virtual Private Retreats with John

vineyard near California couples retreat locationIn a Private Retreat you get John’s undivided attention and help for up to 6 hours per day.

A “standard” day equals two 3-hour sessions with a break between. Usually, retreats are 3 to 4 standard days long (18 to 24 hours).

Virtual retreats offer new flexibility in how you can time your sessions. Instead of having a series of full 6-hour standard days, one after another, you can now spread out your retreat over a week or more, having just one 3-hour session per day.

The most common retreat is 3 standard days long. This provides the time for most couples to learn the tools they need, resolve issues, and make major positive shifts in how they feel, restoring trust, intimacy, hope, and connection. And feeling confident going forward with effective communication tools and strategies.

Many couples who have the need, resources, or interest choose to do a 4-day retreat. The added 6 hours helps achieve deeper results in acquiring new, positive communication tools. The added time can also help more deeply heal old emotional wounds and shift into a place of trust and re-connection.

We always recommend a 4-day length if a couple is suffering from past affairs, traumas, or significant emotional wounds; if someone’s deeply ambivalent about staying married; or if there are multiple significant issues. A 5-day long retreat is also possible.

Our Private Retreat provides couples a profound depth of positive transformation and change. It is by far in the highest demand by couples who want to take significant steps to make meaningful improvements in their relationship.

There is also powerful preparatory work that primes you before a retreat begins Many couples said it shifted things in a positive way even before they got to their retreats. Follow-up coaching is also available to help you stay on track and integrate the tools and changes you acquire in the retreat into your daily lives.

Here are details about what a virtual retreat with John is like, what couples say about them, the costs and how to set one up:

WHAT HAPPENS IN A RETREAT? Read about what you will do in a retreat →

TESTIMONIALS: See what couples say about their retreats with John →

FEEDBACK ON VIRTUAL RETREATS: What clients of virtual retreats say →

COST: The per-couple cost is $2950 per 6-hour day. A “standard day” consists of two 3-hour sessions, for 6 hours total.

TIMING & LENGTH: Standard retreats are between 3 and 5 standard days. With virtual retreats, we can schedule sessions to meet your timing needs. You could do 6-hour days in a row or spread out a series of 3-hour sessions over a week or more.

CONTACT US: We would be happy to discuss our retreats with you either by phone or email. Feel free to contact John with any questions you have →

SIGN UP: After you and John have set specific dates for your retreat, you can reserve those dates and book your retreat here →

Steps to Book a Virtual Retreat with John

river near retreat locationWith a virtual retreat, we now offer flexibility in scheduling your retreat to meet any of your specific timing needs. Hence we don’t have a fixed-day sign-up calendar.

Instead, contact John to discuss dates for your retreat. Then reserve your retreat with a deposit. Just follow these two steps:

STEP 1: Set up the dates for your retreat by calling or texting John at (707) 536-5781 or by reaching him through our contact page here →

STEP 2: Once you and John have settled on the specific dates for your retreat, then either click in the box below, or reserve your dates here →

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And we offer two more retreat programs.
In addition to John, you can also work with Hazal…

Private & Converted Group Retreats with Hazal

Hazal Grey, MA, MFA, RDT, REAT, RSME/T, is John’s wife and partner at Healing Couples Retreats.

Hazal and John have jointly led their Group Retreats for years, and, with the same approach as John, Hazal also conducts her own Private Retreats.

Hazal offers two virtual retreat programs.

First, is her standard Private Retreat, which she now conducts virtually. These range in length from 2 to 4 full days and cost $2350 per day.

Second, Hazal has converted our Group Retreat into a program she now offers to couples privately. This is a 3-day fixed program that costs $2950 total.

The flexibility of scheduling virtual retreats described above is also true for both of Hazal’s programs. You can concentrate your virtual retreat into a set of consecutive 6-hour days, or spread out your sessions over a week or more.

More About Hazal’s Retreats

  • Find out all the details on Hazal’s two different retreat programs.
  • Read about Hazal’s training, her background, and her approach.
  • See feedback from her Private Retreat and Group Retreat clients.
  • Read full reviews of her virtual retreats from recent couples.
  • Get Hazal’s Contact Info to ask questions or schedule a retreat.

See all the above information about Hazal’s work and how to contact her →

Hazal has been using online video for years to conduct follow-up coaching with couples after their retreats. She delivers best-in-class relationship help, even over Zoom. Couples find her virtual retreats to as effective as in-person work. Here are excerpts from what a few recent clients said about their virtual retreats with Hazal:

“Our online virtual retreat has been a very good experience. We have come a long way. Being in our own house helped a lot. It was easier to be more truthful and access emotions not having the therapist sit in the room. There is a little bit of distance which felt really good. I felt like we as a couple were a unit.

“I didn’t know if I would like online work because I have never done it before. But it felt very good to have that distance between you and us. The safety of our home made us more open to the process which went deep and was healing for us.”

“We got an email saying that the retreat was converted to virtual. I first thought ‘I don’t want to do it virtually. I need the person right in front of me.’ I thought I wouldn’t get as much out of it doing it online. But now I can say that it was life-changing. Just the couple of days have really opened our eyes and our hearts.

“Doing it online was actually much better for us. To experience Hazal being 100% tuned in to us while in the comfort of our own home was amazing. We are very happy with the results and with Hazal. She has made a big difference in our life.”

Get all the details about Hazal’s virtual retreats, her background, her approach, and her contact info — For more information or to contact Hazal go here →