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Relationship Help Cards

This special deck of cards offers practical advice on matters of the heart. To give you help on how to work with problems, and what promotes lasting happiness.

Dr. John Gray — author of the bestselling Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus — says this about the cards: “This tool can help you improve communication, deal with issues, explore dreams, and reawaken vitality of connection…” Read more →

Each Relationship Help Card speaks to an essential ingredient for a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Take this information to heart to stay on a positive track. Consider this deck to be a set of “flashcards” for relationship help. You may even enjoy thinking of it as a kind of “oracle” you consult for relationship questions and issues.

There are two ways to use the cards — Ask the Oracle and Message for the Day

Ask the Oracle

Ask the OracleIn this method you pick three cards laid out in a row. Click on the card image to the left to go ahead and do this now.

Picking three Relationship Help Cards is an ideal way to get in-depth insights and help with a specific relationship question or issue you are experiencing.

We call this method ask the oracle because it fun game with insightful flashcards. Each of your three cards gives you more information about your question. They build on each other. And, if you enjoy the idea, you could even consider this to be like consulting a deck of tarot cards to get answers to relationship questions.

To try this click the card above or go ahead and pick three cards now →

Message for the Day

In this method you will choose from one of the many Relationship Help Cards and let it give you a message for the day. Take the insights you get from it into your life, reflect on it during your day or apply it to get help with a relationship issue you are experiencing.

To choose your message for the day, browse through the list of Relationship Help Cards below. Click on any card’s name that appeals to you. Use your intuition. As you look through the list, stop at any word that peaks your curiosity or that gives you a special feeling.

When you click on any name below, you will see a picture of that card along with the insights it is offering to you. Go ahead and click on one of the following names now:


If you find these cards interesting, there’s more! You can play with the full deck of 64 in printed form, or a powerful enhanced version of the online cards:

Use the Enhanced Version Online

Access a powerfully expanded version of the online deck that’s like getting live coaching. Choose from the full deck of 64 cards, a variety of layouts, and additional ways to pick your cards. Get practical help to apply new insights to your life. See the details →

Get the Deluxe Printed Edition

The full set of 64 cards plus a companion book. Shuffle and pick from the physical deck of cards and read from the printed book. Get more engaged with a partner or get a deeper experience when using the deck yourself. It also makes a great gift. See the details →