Reviews by Relationship Experts

Here is what relationship experts and best-selling relationship book authors are saying about the work of John Grey, PhD.

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“John offers powerful tools to expand your joy and happiness in love. Discover new options that will make a positive difference in your relationship. Take your next step, whether communicating better, dealing with a problem, healing an emotional wound, or bringing to life all your dreams of what you truly want in relationship.”

John Gray, PhD, Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“John’s work is of help to anyone wishing to repair an ailing relationship. With decades of experience behind him, John is a highly intelligent, creative force in the arena of science and relationships. His work is inventive and inspiring.”

Stan Tatkin, PsyD, Author of Wired for Love and We Do

“John brings together important understandings and highly useful methods for opening up couple communication and transforming conflicts into greater connectedness. A friendly source of guidance and wisdom, to help you have the kind of relationship you truly want.”

John Welwood, PhD, Author of Journey of the Heart and Love and Awakening

“John shows us how to approach differences with open-hearted listening and vulnerable truth-telling. He presents a step-by-step process for using any relationship conflict as a doorway to deeper intimacy and expanded awareness. Everything you need to create a secure, lasting bond with your partner.”

— Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

“John is a phenomenal couples coach, among the best I’ve encountered. He offers state-of-the-art tools and understandings to couples in distress. He knows how to help couples move their relationship onto a solid foundation, to repair, reconnect and build a real intimate partnership.”

Susan Campbell, PhD, Author of Getting Real and The Couples Journey

“John brilliantly addresses the core issues that need attention in order for couples and individuals to create deeply fulfilling relationships. Incorporating attachment theory and the latest discoveries in neuroscience, John offers an astonishingly clear path toward the love and intimacy we long for.”

— John Amodeo, PhD, Author of Being Intimate and Dancing with Fire

“John has created a terrific guide for therapists as well as for couples working on their own. So many couples suffer unnecessarily with conflict, and here is an excellent resource for going straight to the vulnerable truth, rather than staying in old reactive patterns.”

— Linda Bloom, LCSW, Author of 101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married

“John is a thoughtful, inspiring guide for the qualities and stages necessary for fulfilling, growth-filled relationships.”

Angeles Arrien, PhD, Author of The Four Fold Way and Living in Gratitude

“John offers a powerful combination of healing wisdom and compassion to guide a couple in crisis to a secure and sustainable rebirth in their relationship. He will safely hold both of you, through even your deepest pain or fears, so that you can trust your self to open your hearts to each other in ways you didn’t even know exist within and between you.”

Carista Luminare, PhD, Author of Parenting Begins Before Conception

Here is what John’s professional colleagues say about his work:

“John possesses exceptionally unique skills for moving people through difficult and sensitive topics and situations with both competence and empathy, yet with strength and conviction.”

Diane R. Ludgate, PhD, Psychologist and Corporate Trainer

“John is a superb relationship coach. He offers the most powerful strategies in relationship psychology today. The tools he shows couples are simple to understand, and easy to use and yet get profound results. John makes it easy for most anyone to brilliantly repair quickly after a misunderstanding. The creativity of his repair tool is startling and backed by research in neuroscience and attachment theory. I’m recommending this to couples I see in my practice.”

Ken Crittenden, PhD, Psychologist

“John is a superbly skilled, wise and authentic relationship coach, and the framework he uses is magnificently suited to genuine transformation. “

Deborah Boyar, PhD, Therapist and Workshop Leader

“How to create a great relationship. Simple to understand and John lays out what you need to do step by step. And it works!”

Timothy JohnPress, Executive Business Coach

“John is a gifted relationship coach. He takes us beyond myths of soulmates, and shows us how couples can truly succeed together.”

Andrew Sears, PhD, Psychotherapist

“John is a highly skilled relationship coach. He reveals the workings of authentic real-world soulmates. There’s no fluff. Just the inside story of what it takes to have the relationship of your dreams.”

Dawn Monnet, Educator, Coach and Motivational Speaker

“John is an amazing relationship coach. He offers us clear direction for how to go about the mysterious thing we call relationship.”

Lisa Berg, Business Coach

“[John] make[s] an important contribution to our practical understanding of neuroscience and adult attachment psychology. [He] show[s] us how we can repair our relationships and get back into intimate connection with simple and doable exercises and practices. I consider this…a must…for anyone who wants a great intimate relationship.”

Johanina Wikoff, PhD, Therapeutic Coach and Relationship Counselor

“John is a master at helping couples. He gives us such useful tools and helpful explanations about what happens when we get upset. He provides a structured and safe way to explore upsets, understand what is really happening deep inside, and then share it in a completely heart-opening way. He offers great tools for deepening intimacy, safety, and understanding.”

Lauren Darges, Relationship Coach

“Finally…you’ll find the secrets to a successful relationship. [John has] captured concepts that have eluded couples for years. [T]he essence of good bonding and building so couples…can go on to enjoy each other. These concepts are deceptively simple, easy to understand, devoid of criticism and blame, and they work. It is a must for any relationship.”

Peller Marion, Ed.D., Psychologist and Executive Development Consultant

And there's still more feedback...