Chantal & Raine

Hi John,

We’re in the final stages of completing the film (it includes our coaching session with you). Having the opportunity to hear your words so many more times as we edit it. Wow. We feel so lucky.

Raine and I are thriving. We just worked beautifully through an ‘ouch’ this morning. Amazing. You’re a genius. I mean, just being able to cut through the mud and tell each other how to repair rifts and when doing so modeling to the kids how to be, stopping a reactive cycle.

You’ve been a treasure for us.

 Chantal and Raine, Canadian Rock Stars

Widely known throughout Canada as popular singer/songwriters, Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk have earned nearly every accolade their country can bestow, including a joint appointment to the Order of Canada.

See Chantal & Raine’s interview with The Canadian Press on their documentary film — “I’m Going to Break Your Heart” — and watch a trailer that shows the marriage coaching they got working with John.

Billboard Magazine said “this film captures their creative process while following the pair into sessions with couples coach Dr. John Grey.”