M and S

“Hi John. I just wanted to reach out and let you know that, one year after our retreat, my husband and I are doing fantastically! Our relationship is everything we have both hoped it could be and more. I’m not saying we don’t disagree and birds aren’t always chirping around our heads, but anytime we find ourselves in “distress” we use the tools you taught us with each other immediately. We even laugh because sometimes he will come home stressed from work and he will just come up and gaze in my eyes as we chant some of the things we learned from you. I can’t tell you how you have changed our lives and interactions for the positive. We learned so many lessons and even apply what we have learned to our children. The information we learned about childhood needs has also been utilized on our new grandbaby. You are so appreciated and valued! I hope you are well and happy. Thank you again . . . .”

“. . . . Hi John. Now two years after our retreat with you, my husband and I are still living the most connected, happy life with each other and our family. COVID provided extra bonding time with our children and we still love them. LOL. Thank you again for our retreat to closeness. I hope you have been healthy and happy as well.”