Special Private Payment

Use this page to submit all forms of payment for a Special Private Retreat. You can choose to pay half now and half later, or simply make a full payment at this time.

If you opt to split your payments, please remember to submit your final payment before you arrive for your retreat. Thanks!

Follow the steps below in order, but skip the second step if you're submitting a final payment.

1. Choose type of payment

First, click one of the following buttons, depending on whether you are making an initial half payment for a retreat, paying the final half, or making a full payment.

2. If you're making an initial payment or paying in full

This step is for making an initial payment or paying in full. If you are making a final payment, go to the next step below. If you have not done so, view our calendar of available dates in a new window and choose the dates you want to reserve for your retreat. We keep our calendar updated daily, but feel free to contact us to verify that the dates you want are available.

Policy for payments: Please be sure you will attend a retreat before you submit payment. Making a payment is a commitment to attend. When dates are reserved for you, other couples do get turned away. Thus if you later cancel or reschedule, your payment will be non-refundable, with rare exception (see details). If you have any questions about this please contact us before submitting a payment. If you are certain you will attend and agree to this policy, check the box immediately below and then select the dates you want for your retreat.

The starting date of my retreat is:     

3. Length of your retreat?

Choose the length of your retreat from the following menu. Standard private retreats are 3 to 5 days in length. A shortened 2-day retreat is available only by special arrangement.

The length of my retreat is:  

4. Make your payment

Finally, click the button below to pay with your credit card:

To make your payment, click on the button above and you'll be taken to our certified secure server Authorize.Net. Your transaction will be processed right away and you will get a receipt by email. After you complete the credit card transaction, we will be notified by email that you have paid and if you are making your deposit, then your retreat time will be reserved.

Credit Card Processing