Special Payment New

Use this page to make a special payment for a retreat as previously arranged with us.

Payment Information

  • Description — Retreat Payment
  • Amount — $ (USD)

Follow the steps below to submit your payment.

After you successfully submit your payment, you will see a receipt page. This receipt page has a link to a retreat preparation page. It lets you know how you can prepare for your retreat. Please share the retreat preparation page with your partner.

The location of the retreat is also listed on the preparation page. As well, that page gives you a link to a list of places you can choose to stay.

1. Commit to attend

We want you to be sure you will attend a retreat before you enroll. Because we depend on your attendance, your payment will be non-refundable. If you are not certain you will attend, or if you have any questions at all, please contact us before you enroll here. If you agree to our policy and commit to attend, check the box immediately below.

2. Submit your payment information

Click the button below to pay for your retreat with your credit card.

To submit your payment, click on the button above and you'll be taken to our certified secure server Authorize.Net. Your transaction will be processed right away and you will get a receipt by email. After you complete the credit card transaction, we will be notified by email that you have paid and if you are making your deposit, then your retreat time will be reserved.

Credit Card Processing