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The Relationship Advisor

The Relationship AdvisorThe Relationship Advisor is a special deck of 64 Relationship Cards that you can consult for practical advice on matters of the heart.

This deck of cards was designed to give you help on how to work with relationship problems or issues, and to support you to remember what fosters lasting happiness in love.

The deck was originally designed and sold for years as a physical deck of cards called “The Joy of Relationship Cards” that also included an accompanying book.

However, we have also always made these same cards available online for people to consult for free. We also licensed the cards to major websites, where millions of users ended up playing with them. Recently we have even expanded the ways in which you can use and play with the cards on this site.

This page gives you a basic overview of two ways you can get advice from this deck of cards, as well as showing you the list of 64 cards and links to view each one individually.

Dr. John Gray — author of the bestselling Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus — says this about the cards: “This tool can help you improve communication, deal with issues, explore dreams, and reawaken vitality of connection…” Read more →

Each Relationship Card illuminates a particular essential ingredient for maintaining a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Take this information to heart to stay on a positive track. Consider this deck to be a set of “flashcards” for relationship help. You may even enjoy thinking of it as a kind of “oracle” you consult for relationship questions and issues.

There are two interesting and fun ways to consult and play with these cards. We call these two methods “Ask the Oracle” and “Message for the Day”. We have made these two methods freely and immediately available to you online.

You can get access to “Ask the Oracle” & “Message for the Day” here →

Meanwhile, if you would like to look at each individual card, when you click on any name below, you will see a picture of that card along with the insights it is offering to you. Go ahead and click on one of the following names now: