Relationship Advisor

book-cardsBy John Grey, PhD & Bonney Meyer, RN
64 Full Color Cards + 160 Page Book
Available in Print or as a Download

The Relationship Advisor is a set of 64 beautifully illustrated flash cards plus a companion book for success in love.

Each card offers you detailed relationship guidance and understanding in a specific way. Every card assists you to create the positive changes you truly want in your love life.

Bestselling author Dr. John Gray says this about the Relationship Advisor:

“This powerful tool can help expand your joy and happiness in relating. It helps you improve communication, resolve issues, explore dreams, and reawaken the vitality of connection. Discover new options and make a positive difference in your relationship.”
John Gray, PhD, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

You can get these cards in electronic form — to download right now. Or you can get them shipped to you, as a printed deck of cards plus its own book.

Maybe you have already enjoyed using the Relationship Cards on this website. Did you know they are licensed by major web portals like iVillage, and have been used online by millions of people? We now offer a powerfully expanded electronic version of these cards in the form of the Relationship Advisor. It is so effective it’s almost like getting live coaching.

We gave the electronic Relationship Advisor special features — like an interactive self-guided section for each card to help you apply insights more deeply in your life. This increases the positive impact of this self-help system on your love life. And we put in more ways to arrange and pick your cards, including directly from the full deck of 64 cards.

You can download this electronic version to your computer and use it whenever you like, without being connected to the internet. Or from any computer, you can also access it on the internet. If you don’t want to download files to your computer, online access is available for you.

In the special printed edition, the Relationship Advisor is a set of 64 full color beautifully illustrated physical cards plus a 160-page companion book. The book includes interpretations of each card and instructions on various ways to use the cards. (This printed edition has the special title of The Joy of Relationship Cards.)

guaranteeWe are confident you’ll benefit from this self-help system filled with powerful guidance in love and relationship.

Download the electronic version now with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and start using it immediately.

Or if you like, get the cards in a printed edition, shipped directly to you. (Sorry, we can’t include printed items in the money back guarantee.)