Program for Self-Regulation

Combining clinical and artistic perspectives, Hazal Grey offers a fresh, creative approach and practical tools for working through depression, anxiety or other unpleasant inner states. The Program for Self-Regulation is a set of twenty one online audio experiential exercises. The exercises average 20 minutes in length.

In these exercises Hazal will help you enliven and bring balance to your inner sense of self. In each exercise she will guide you to regulate your inner state and better engage with your personal material. Each exercise is designed to provide you with specific skills to proactively be with your internal experiences in new ways that are safe, fun, and even creative.

The program is experiential. Rather than discussing ideas, this program is oriented to provide new experiences that will increase your inner skills and sense of safety. We want to support you to explore new ways of sensing and noticing feelings, being creative and aware, and reflecting on yourself.

Here is an overview of the program:

  • Week One is designed to explore directing and playing with your attention, improve body awareness skills, and identifying and being with body sensations.
  • Week Two delves further into the power of imagination and explores the use of sound as you continue to work with your inner states.
  • Week Three explores various aspects of depression and anxiety through writing, movement and drawing so that you can converse with yourself without being overwhelmed.

21-Day Program for Anxiety or Depression

21 Guided Audio Exercises
20 Minutes Each (average)
Price – $48.00

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“As a movement and creative arts therapist, Hazal has developed innovative ways to treat anxiety and depression. And these techniques really work. The key to their success is that she approaches therapy as a creative process — where you enter a creative state of mind and follow the energy until closure is reached and you can integrate what you have experienced. As Hazal clearly shows, you can use this approach to heal yourself.”

— Susan Campbell, Ph.D.
Author of Getting Real and From Triggered to Tranquil