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Premarital Counseling or Marriage Tune-Up

happy-couple-2Whether you are interested in premarital counseling, or want to increase satisfaction in your relationship, an intensive couples retreat is a perfect place to learn new tools that enable love to thrive.

Most couples start out with great promise and strong feelings of being in love.

Sadly, all too many end up feeling stuck. Despite their best intentions, all couples encounter occasional rifts, differences and challenges, both small and large.

If you don’t know the right tools to repair rifts or resolve differences, you will face increasing discomfort, distress, or dissatisfaction. Over time, this can result in a cyclic pattern of upset that will block you from feeling happy in love.

As unresolved rifts and ruptures accumulate, upsets can escalate or walls can build up. Positive feelings can get lost as disappointment and disconnection increase.

Get the Tools for Lasting Happiness

In an intensive retreat, you discover what is really at the root of relationship success long term… and what causes distress and how to resolve it. You learn how to work with differences and repair rifts quickly and effectively. You get the skills to become a couple that truly collaborates as a team to reach win-win outcomes and decisions. You understand the keys to success and how to stay happy as a couple.

You will acquire the tools to successfully express and address the core needs that make partners feel secure, accepted and connected with each other. That is what makes love thrive over time and builds a solid foundation for a happy shared life together.

Without tools to resolve underlying emotional distress, partners can get stuck bickering over small stuff, or getting frustrated and lashing out. Some eventually blow up as issues escalate, where even small stuff sets off big fights.

Others react by withdrawing, avoiding, or even shutting down. Many of us end up walking on eggshells. Or walking out. A couple’s love life will be damaged over time by all the blaming, trying to win or be right, and finger-pointing that usually accompanies such reactive behaviors.

Would you like to have the tools to prevent the negative emotional reactive cycles that ruin a relationship? Would you like to know how to keep love alive and thriving, where shared happiness increases with time instead of fading away under the pressure of unresolved upsets and stuckness?

Couples typically get mired in issues around money, childrearing, sex, housekeeping, spending time together, in-laws, the importance of work, and so forth. But these issues are not what sets off the underlying emotional reactions that prevent couples from solving them.

Remarkably, of the thousands of people we’ve helped, nobody accurately knew what they were actually reacting to. They had no real idea what the underlying core needs were at the root of their distress. In this blindness they could never resolve the underlying emotional upsets that blocked them from solving their issues.

A couples retreat will give you a clear understanding of what is under the struggles all couples can fall pray to. You will learn how to quickly resolve any such difficulties with powerful and effective communication tools and methods of interrelating.

Lifelong Benefits and Positive Results

Here are the tools and positive results you can gain from a retreat:

  • Know the essential key factors and communication tools that enable a long term relationship to stay healthy and happy.
  • Learn key skills to collaborate as a team in resolving differences and creating win-win decisions and outcomes that truly work for both of you.
  • Become an expert on what are the underlying causes of distress and disconnection in a long term relationship.
  • Know what the key solutions are (which never dawned on you) to resolve any such distress so you can prevent conflict, walking on eggshells or building up walls.
  • Understand how to express your feelings and needs in an effective way that will open your partner’s heart (rather than cause them to get defensive or shut down).
  • Prevent emotionally reactive cycles that eventually lead to blame, criticism, distancing and other negative behaviors; and know how to replace these with acceptance, connection and empathy.
  • Know how to promote good feelings, deeply heal all wounds, and quickly resolve triggering episodes in ways that bring you closer together.
  • Rewire each other’s brains in ways that make you feel more secure as a team, safe to talk about anything, and able to just be yourselves, sharing more happiness than you ever dreamed possible.

Our retreat is the perfect place to learn the tools that will enable long term love to thrive. All couples encounter bumps on the road, both large and small. Wise couples learn the right tools to deal with these rifts and ruptures in ways that enable their love and happiness to thrive and grow.