Piano Music

I gathered a set of eight solo piano pieces for you to hear. I call this set The Heart Also Opens because the music came from my heart and is for your heart.

Each piece originated from improvising while in a state of deep stillness and the yearnings of a heart. I sincerely hope you enjoy these!

Here’s what a couple of my friends were generous enough to say about this music:

“John masterfully takes the listener on a personal exploration of inner feelings. The deep imagery he evokes is profound and healing.” — Eliot Mazer, producer for Michael Hedges, Neil Young, Scott Cossu, Phillip Aaberg, Janice Joplin

“John’s piano music takes you on a journey of the imagination. His skillful playing runs through a wide range of emotions.” — Bob Hodas, engineer for Windham Hill artists William Ackerman, Barbara Higbie, Jim Chappell

The Heart Also Opens

New Birth

The Heart Also Opens

Spirit in the Mist






This music is offered free for your personal use only — with the following exceptions: if you have a cafe or healing center, do body work, or are a DJ for dance events, I also welcome you to play this music if you feel it fits the atmosphere you create. However, all commercial uses of this music — such as use as background music in any media — requires my written consent.