What About In-Person Retreats?

vineyard near retreatsWe are currently conducting all of our retreat programs virtually. While we started working online two years ago due to covid, our virtual retreats have proven to be so effective and convenient that, frankly, we may continue to work this way indefinitely.

As a pioneer of the intensive private marriage retreat, we have been conducting retreats for over three decades. We have developed a best-in-class approach to working with couples. We know the field and we know the power of our approach. And over the last two years we have found that we are as effective via Zoom as in person, if not more so.

The belief that in-person retreats are inherently better or more effective turned out not to be the case. We have consistently found our virtual retreats are as good as meeting in person. Couples even tell us our virtual retreats are more effective than working in person! That surprised us at first, but we finally came to understand why.

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What Couples Say About Our Virtual Retreats

Having used online video for years, we effectively deliver best-in-class relationship help. Couples find our online intensive program to be equal in effectiveness to our in-person work. Here are excerpts from what couples said about working virtually:

“We didn’t want to do our retreat remotely, but decided to go ahead with it. We’re surprised by how well we improved our communication. Our barriers let down and we’re no longer defensive. We can repair upsets like we never could before. And now we sit down together every day and express our appreciation for each other.”

“During this stay-at-home period the online intensive we did with you has literally saved our marriage. We are so glad we found you, and thank you for the security we have found with each other through working with you.”

“I really liked doing the retreat from home. In our own house, in our surroundings, we felt more comfortable, we felt we could be more intimate, and it’s not unnatural in any way. And it felt like it was us doing the work, with you just making sure it kept moving along, so we didn’t get stuck.”

“When you go somewhere else, it almost makes it seem like this other place is the important thing. And people say, when they go on retreats, that they ‘come back to reality’ at home again to the same old thing. But with our virtual retreat, the transformation happened in our reality. There was no ‘back to reality.’ This is our reality. So it gives our changes a solid foundation.”

“This has been awesome to do during the Coronavirus time. We’re really grateful for you. We really weren’t doing very well. The emotional repair process you gave us has been huge. This all has been really effective. It finally feels like we are really a team and we own our relationship as real partners.”

“I first thought ‘I don’t want to do it virtually. I need the person right in front of me.’ I thought I wouldn’t get as much out of it doing it online. But now I can say that it was life-changing. Just the couple of days have really opened our eyes and our hearts. Doing it online was actually much better for us.”

“We were initially quite apprehensive about doing an intensive retreat online vs. in person. But John coached us the same as if we were together. In hindsight, there are no negatives to doing this online, and there are some real positives.”

“We’ve done an in-person retreat in the past, and now this virtual retreat. Being in our own home was much better than being in a strange place. It was easier. No stress from travel. Being here at home and scheduling the sessions to suit us helped us apply the tools and make the changes we wanted in our daily lives.”

“We’re definitely glad we did the retreat virtually. The comfort and safety of being in our own home made such a big difference. We wouldn’t have been as comfortable doing it somewhere else. Although getting away from home is the common idea about a retreat, that would not have at all been as good as how secure we felt at our place.”

“In the end, I thought the virtual retreat was preferable. If we had gone away it might seem the location made all the magic happen there. But here, it was in our own home we were making it happen. I really do think that doing the retreat virtually works quite well. I would never have thought it would be as productive this way. But now, I can say I prefer it.”

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