I’m Going to Break Your Heart

John’s Work Gets Featured in Documentary Film

In their documentary film I’m Going to Break Your Heart, Canadian rock star couple Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida feature some of the coaching sessions they received from John. Reviewing the movie, Billboard Magazine said “the film captures their creative process while following the pair into sessions with couples coach Dr. John Grey.”

Widely known throughout Canada, as individual singer/songwriters Raine and Chantal have earned nearly every accolade their country can bestow, including a joint appointment to the Order of Canada. But ask them what their greatest success has been and they’ll tell you it’s their 20-year marriage and three sons.

They will also tell you that, like almost everyone in a long-term relationship, maintaining that bond has been a struggle at times. Their early romance made headlines as Canada’s beautiful young rock royalty, but two decades and three children later, they struggle – like most people – with their relationship.

I’m Going to Break Your Heart captures the raw and wrenching journey these renowned singer-songwriters took to find their way back to each other. Filmed on an isolated but romantic island in the dead of winter, the documentary immerses viewers in their musical relationship, even as it exposes long-standing wounds and unresolved heartache.

Ultimately, I’m Going to Break Your Heart is the true story of rediscovering love through creativity, in which music plays the lead role. In the interview below Chantal and Raine talk with The Canadian Press about filming the documentary, their songwriting together and their marriage coaching sessions with John Grey.

Chantal Kreviazuk (left) and Raine Maida (right) explore songwriting in the context of their relationship in “I’m Going to Break Your Heart.” — Marta Iwanek, The Canadian Press

Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk Reflect on Marital Struggles in a Documentary Film

Interview with David Friend

Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk are no strangers to putting their marriage on display, but in their new documentary I’m Going to Break Your Heart, the musicians go a step further by inviting cameras into some uncomfortably tense situations.

The couple spiral into an argument over creative freedom while composing a song together in one scene, and in another the layers of their emotional disconnection are peeled back with the help of [their marriage coach, John Grey].

It’s the kind of access you rarely see from Canadian musicians, who don’t often speak openly about relationships. But Maida suggests there’s value in revealing the steps they’ve taken to mend fractures formed throughout 20 years of marriage and parenting three children.

Kreviazuk chimed in with a more decisive perspective on the emotional rawness she portrays in the coaching sessions. “I don’t want my marriage to be just okay. I don’t want my marriage to fall flat. So for me, I love excellence, but the place I most want it is in my home and with my partner. That’s my No. 1 priority.”

She says about the coaching they got, “Raine and I discovered the power of getting help with the skill of being married, of long-term coupling. You gain tools and it becomes something we are committed to, that we have a deep respect for.”

Maida explains how the camera made it into their lives, their creative process, and their marriage coaching sessions. “It doesn’t really make sense to just show the songwriting if you don’t show the process of us in a relationship. That process, for us, involved our marriage coach, John Grey.”

Since the film’s trailer debuted, Kreviazuk’s heard fans say it inspired them to reconnect with their own partners. She’s saving those messages on her phone as a reminder that speaking about the ups and downs of their marriage has rewards.

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Movie Trailer for “I’m Going to Break Your Heart”

The first voice you will hear is Dr. John Grey speaking to Raine and Chantal as part of a marriage coaching session. This preceded their journey to an isolated but romantic island to reconnect with each other through musical collaboration. Out of this came the film and music for I’m Going to Break Your Heart.

Marriage Coaching Session with Dr. John

Another marriage coaching session scene in I’m Going to Break Your Heart. Raine and Chantal’s musical collaboration on that remote island also triggered some upsets and deeper issues. Now back home from their journey, John helps them emotionally repair and strengthen their connection as partners.

Chantal & Raine talk with The Canadian Press

Watch a video showing more of the interview above with Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk by The Canadian Press about chronicling their marriage struggles in the new documentary film I’m Going to Break Your Heart. Hear about the positive impact their coaching sessions with John has had on their marriage.

Chantal & Raine interview on Canadian television

See still more clips from the documentary that shows John coaching Raine and Chantal, as part of an interview they had on Canadian television channel CP24. In the interview they differentiate the power of the coaching they received with John from what is associated with typical marriage counseling.