Group Couples Retreat


Get Your Love Life on Track

What’s the main difference between couples that stay happy and those who don’t? Why do some couples fall into negative, emotionally reactive patterns that gradually consume their love lives, while others keep their love vibrant and strong?

It’s all about the communication skills and tools they use. Couples who stay happy in love know how to repair upsets — both small and large — and stay emotionally connected. They know how to resolve differences and collaborate to make decisions that benefit both of them. They know how to keep each other feeling first in importance. They easily boost each other’s self-esteem.

The rest of us need to learn these vital skills. Otherwise, distress keeps mounting over years of unhealed rifts and poor communication, so eventually we lose our sense of connection and shared pleasure. We end up walking on eggshells, blowing up, or shutting down.

All couples go in and out of synch and can occasionally be at odds. Knowing how to repair such ruptures is central to staying happily connected.

Join a special three-day group couples retreat. It will be a uniquely powerful experience — a fast track to positive change — an intensive, supportive place to achieve profound results. In a concentrated program you’ll transform your relationship and take home the key tools and communication skills to stay on track.

You will learn these tools and skills and be coached to use them to successfully address your issues and resolve any emotional wounds that stand between you.

This retreat is special in creating deep, personally meaningful change. After three days of intensive learning, couples report that they return home with renewed spirits — and with vital new tools to keep building on the positive changes they achieve. Trust is rebuilt and connection is renewed.

Many couples say they get more from this retreat than from months or even years of regular counseling! What makes this program so unique and powerful? It offers you scientifically valid, practical tools to resolve issues and heal upsets, and transform patterns of poor communication that lead to suffering and separation.

What Happens in a Group Retreat

A group retreat consists of a balanced mix of presenting information to the group and individual work as a couple in break-out sessions. In the group presentations, John will teach you new understandings and relationship tools, using slides, short videos and demonstrations.

Then in the break-out sessions you and your partner will put those tools into use to resolve issues, reconnect, heal old wounds, or whatever your particular goals are. During this time, you and your partner can receive any individual coaching you need.

Additionally, there will be group sharing and at times John may briefly work with a couple in front of the group. Both sharing and group process work is voluntary, not required.

Throughout the retreat, your individual comfort is our highest priority. We understand that some people are comfortable sharing in a group, and others aren’t. We will do everything we can to assure your needs are met.

Sign Up Information

COST: The per-couple cost is $2300. Travel, meals, accommodations not included.

DATES: The next Group Retreat is on the weekend of June 23 – 25, 2017. It will start on Friday at noon and end on Sunday at 4:00 PM. To join this group – enroll here »

CONTACT US: If you want to ask questions, contact us here »

ACCOMMODATIONS: We have an online list of recommended places to stay. Having your couples retreat location in our part of California is a special joy. Here, you can choose between a wide variety of charming cottages, hotels, B&B’s and inns.

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Feedback from Past Group Participants

“It’s been many weeks since our retreat with you. Our love for each other continues to become even more respectful, caring, and loving. I’m astounded by how much that weekend changed our dynamics, our triggers, our issues. My husband has become the partner I always wanted to be with and I think I have become the partner he has always wanted to share his life with.”

“Thanks for showing us how to reset our relationship and create an open dialog. The retreat was very well organized. I like that we walked away with actionable tools, not just a lot of reconnecting that gets lost when you return home.”

“I was feeling lonely and hopeless before arriving to the retreat. We left feeling united and hopeful in making the next level of our journey together with much harmony.”

“The retreat far exceeded my expectations. I felt like we got to the core of our issues and heal our fundamental disconnect. You really helped us get to the root of our decades-long conflict and gave us the tools for repairing our deep wounds.”

“I am so glad we came to this group retreat. We came with fear, anxiety of failure and unsure what to expect. We are going home hopeful of a wonderful future together, feeling more connected and attuned to each others’ needs than ever before.”

“Excellent! Helped us from unraveling. We were at the end of our rope and now feel renewed energy and hope for a great future! Great value with top-notch counseling at an affordable price.”

“Before attending my husband and I had already given up on each other. I was attempting to get my emotional needs met elsewhere, and my husband was on the verge of getting his physical needs met elsewhere. We were not even speaking. And my husband swore he would not be participating in the retreat. But after a few hours we let our guards down. The content was amazing — both scientific-based and emotionally intelligent — grabbing both our attention! We learned to communicate and understand each others’ needs. Honestly, we have fallen in love again, mad the marriage a safe place…a real home for both of us. Thank you so much!”

“Surpassed my expectations and opened up a whole new world. This retreat opened my eyes to a new way of understanding myself and my husband like never before. Literally life changing.”

“The retreat helped me see the places where my partner and I were stuck in unhealthy patterns, and provided the tools to help us develop secure and healthy patterns of communicating.”

“I have a new level of excitement about what’s possible in our relationship!”

“This retreat gave us the building blocks that all couples need for a healthy and happy marriage!”

“The tools we gained during the retreat have begun to repair years of bad communication habits. We are both very enthusiastic about our future together.”

“The retreat helped us understand what was behind our reactive behaviors and gave us the tools and language to minimize upsets and maximize our shared pleasure.”