Retreat Follow-Up Coaching

We highly recommend follow-up coaching sessions via Skype in order to master the new tools, rules and understandings you acquired during your intensive retreat.

Just like lessons every week enable a music student to practice and integrate instrumental technique over time, weekly coaching sessions will help you practice and integrate relationship new skills into your daily life.

Traditional couples therapy is also weekly, but is usually focused on putting out the “fire-of-the-week” which often limits its effectiveness. In our tool-based coaching approach, we coach you to master your tools and rules to work though issues and stay on track.

We will discuss recommended follow-up protocol below, along with pricing for the various options.

Follow-Up Coaches Hazal Selçuk & John Grey

The lead follow-up coach for Healing Couples Retreats is Hazal Selçuk, MA, MFA, AMFT. Additionally, John Grey, PhD is available for select follow-up sessions.

If you have not yet met her, know that Hazal regularly joins John in co-leading special, extra-small Group Retreats as well as special, select Private Retreats. She also conducts Private Retreats on her own.

Hazal received her MA in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). She has training in the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT). Having a wide range of experience, her background includes working at Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute. In addition to her private practice as a relationship coach, Hazal works at the Lomi Clinic in Sonoma County as an associate marriage and family therapist.

Hazal’s approach is informed by current neuroscience and attachment research as applied to how couples can function securely and sustain lasting happiness and satisfaction. Hazal has extensive training in expressive arts and drama therapy. She brings warmth, embodiment, and playfulness into her work. Read More →

Recommended Follow-Up Protocols

The optimal way to schedule follow-up coaching is once-per-week for the first two to three months after a retreat. Then you start spacing the sessions out to every-other-week and once-per-month.

Given our schedules, only Hazal is available for regular weekly coaching, while John may be available once or twice per month on a special but irregular basis. This is because John’s days are consumed by frequent intensive retreats — thus he is not available on a regularly scheduled basis — while Hazal maintains a weekly counseling practice and currently has regular slots available.

Thus we have put together three recommended protocols for optimal follow-up coaching:

  • Regular Option: Weekly Sessions with Hazal
  • Special Option: Weekly Sessions with Hazal + One Session includes John
  • Deluxe Option: Weekly Sessions with Hazal + Two Sessions include John

Other arrangements can be made, of course. Many couples try an “as-needed” basis, seeking coaching when there is a big fire to put out. Be aware that this is an ineffective mode of work. We are fine with helping you on any basis you wish. However, know that the “as-needed” approach gets mixed results, and misses the opportunity to integrate what you learned during the retreat into a sustained transformation back home.

We have heard many clients report that they wished they had not put off regular weekly sessions following their retreat. Instead, due to the busy nature of their lives, they let things slide before they did anything. Your own milage may vary, of course. Much depends on the nature of the stressors you encounter, plus how deeply you were able to integrate your new tools and rules during the retreat itself.

That said, both John and Hazal will try their best to make themselves available as you wish. Know that sessions involving John in all options will need to be scheduled for irregular times. Only Hazal can make a regularly scheduled appointment available.

Pricing and Length of Sessions

The average session length is 1.5 hours, where up to 3 hours may be needed if a couple is dealing with a highly distressing situation (a “fire-to-put-out”).

John charges $490 per hour. Hazal charges $150 per hour.

Assuming 1.5 hour sessions, and 4 sessions in a month, the recommended protocol options above would cost:

  • Regular Option: $900 per month
  • Special Option: $1500 per month (special package rate)
  • Deluxe Option: $2200 per month (special package rate)

Loving, lasting change is possible.

For more info call Hazal at (707) 787-1967 or email her now