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Five-Card Spread

Below you see five cards turned face down. You can turn them over by clicking on them. They have been randomly selected from the full deck of 64 Relationship Cards. You can also play with a three-card spread or a four-card spread.

How to play with these cards:

  • Formulate a question for the cards. See some good questions below.
  • Click any face-down card to turn it over and see what card you got.
  • Click any face-up card a second time to see its full message to you.
  • Then click the “Go Back to Previous Page” link to continue.
  • If you wish to restart with new cards, click:  Get New Cards






Note: Certain browsers (e.g. Chrome desktop) do not support all the Ask the Oracle features. So we recommend using Safari or Firefox if you run into a problem.

How to ask a good question:

  • Don’t ask questions with “Yes-No” answers.
  • Make you the focus of the question, not someone else.
  • Ask about what you can learn or recognize at this time.
  • Wait for a question that takes you in a positive direction.

Examples of good questions:

“What is this situation trying to teach me?”
“What would bring greater joy to my relationship?”
“What part am I playing in this challenge?”
“What can help me to move forward?”
“What can I do to resolve this rupture?”
“What is at the root of this upset?”
“What do I need to stay aware of when we next talk?”
“What could help me handle this difficulty better?”
“What should I consider before making up my mind?”