Online Retreats during Coronavirus Crisis

Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis, we are conducting all of our retreats via online videoconferencing. During this time we have suspended in-person work and instead are exclusively working through online interactive video.

We’ve used online video for years and we are highly effective at it. We use it for retreats when couples can’t attend in person, for extended half-day and day-long sessions, and on a daily basis for all post-retreat, follow-up coaching sessions.

We have used video in all these circumstances with successful results. With this long term experience and developed skill set, we are confident the online video work you will receive from us is equal in efficacy to our in-person work.

Feedback about a Recent Online Retreat

“We’ve spent loads of time and money on therapists, and we have never connected like this. With your help we’ve discovered things we never knew about each other. And we’ve been together almost two decades.

“We sat in our last therapist’s office for seven months and could never speak our needs in a way that could be heard, or know each other’s truths, or deal with this overwhelming hard stuff (infidelity, lying, loss of trust).

“We were amazed that in such a short time with you, we got to the real root of our problems. Things we should have figured out ten years ago! We finally feel at peace for the first time in four years, and feel more connected than we have since our early days.”

We know that part of the attraction of a retreat is to get away from home and stay in a beautiful travel destination. This is certainly understandable. And we do indeed live in a spectacular travel destination!

Yet most couples seek a retreat because their marriage is in serious trouble. And they realize they need an intensive, concentrated approach that provides competent help and makes a real difference. That’s what we deliver, in-person or via online video.

We have been successfully working with couples for decades. Our approach is top-rated. If your relationship is at a critical juncture, know that is our speciality. We deliver best-in-class help. And we can give this to you via interactive video.

If you wish to discuss your situation and see if our online video intensive can help you, call John at (707) 536-5781 or contact us here →

Private Retreats offer Flexibile Schedules

During the first few weeks that we shifted to interactive video, we conducted three online Private Retreats. All were successful beyond the clients’ expectations. We were able to help couples with quite serious issues including infidelity and lying with the same effectiveness as in our in-person private retreats.

In developing our skills in using interactive video, we have found advantageous ways to use to the online format to help couples to more quickly make changes and get results more rapidly, to gain effective communication tools and engage in the process of repairing their relationship and renewing their loving connection.

We also have been able to provide a good deal of flexibility for the timing of intensive sessions. In one case, instead of two 3-hour sessions per day for three days in a row, we scheduled a series of 3-hour sessions spread over a span of a week and a half. For another couple, we worked full-day sessions, but skipped several days between each.

Group Retreats become Semi-Private Retreats

Because we want to make sure our online groups are as effective as our in-person retreats, we are limiting enrollment to between 2 and 4 couples max. This gives one big advantage to online work over our in-person groups: You will get far more private coaching from us that will be customized to your circumstances and needs.

Due to the super-small group size, each couple gets almost triple the amount of private session time with us than is available in person. This increased amount of private session work effectively turns what you get into a Semi-Private Retreat, even more effective than the in-person retreat.

What about possible discomfort with the online work? Our approach is structured to foster safety and comfortable engagement. Group sessions are geared to learning tools and gaining information. We don’t discuss or process couples’ private issues during group meetings. We work with those issues in the expanded private sessions.

For more info call John at (707) 536-5781 or contact us here →