“Who, me?” you might ask.

Most of us would be surprised by how often we play at being psychic with our partner. Just like “mind readers” at a carnival, we believe we know exactly what our partner feels, what they think, and what they want. We believe we know exactly what they mean by their actions or words. And then we react to them accordingly.

The card PSYCHIC is a reminder that we can never know for sure what’s going on inside of someone else; we can only guess. But when we play psychic, what we imagine becomes the truth – to us. This “truth” is shaped by our expectations, our beliefs, and the ways we are predisposed to see things. In fact, it usually says more about us than it does about others.

Viewing a partner through the distorting lens of our inner “crystal ball” is dangerous, as we seldom realize that we are simply making things up. We’ve all heard of self-fulfilling prophecies. These occur when someone is so strongly affected by their “psychic knowledge” that they act in a way that makes their worst fears come true.

How do you tend to play the psychic with your partner? All of us at times think we know what our partner is feeling. We become upset by what we think our partner means by an action or by their words. We even limit our own choices and behavior according to how we believe they will respond to us. Do you recognize how you do any of these things?

It’s important to realize that whatever you see in your “crystal ball” could be absolutely wrong. You may be limiting your relationship by believing in that crystal ball. This card warns you to beware of being “psychic” in any way about your partner. It’s always better to ask than to assume!

This card also warns you to beware of expecting your partner to be psychic about you. We’re expecting our partners to be psychic about us when we believe that they should know what we feel or need at any moment. Of course, we don’t actually tell them what is going on for us! Then, when they don’t satisfy our unspoken needs, we become angry, hurt, or withdrawn. We think that, if they “really cared,” they’d “just know” what we want – without our asking!

What do you expect your partner to know or do, without your asking? This card asks you to realize that it may be your own reluctance to speak up that keeps you from getting what you want or need. Your partner may be in the dark, unaware of what’s going on inside of you.

The card PSYCHIC makes a suggestion: To find out what is really going on, talk! Open your mind, your heart, and your eyes. Then open your mouth. To know what’s going on with your partner, ask them! If there’s something you want or need from your partner, tell them! If you are having problems, speak up and discuss what’s going on inside of you.

By talking, you and your partner can distinguish your imagined ideas and beliefs from the realities within each of you – and see each other more clearly. With this clarity, you will more easily see ways that you can move together toward greater joy and fulfillment.