Completion means resolving matters from your past, and bringing closure to old things that continue to haunt you in the present. It’s like finishing the final paragraph in a previous chapter of your life, so you can live more fully here and now.

How does the past get left in a state that still affects us? Don’t we try to forget unpleasant events? Well, in fact, we do forget – on a conscious level, that is. Unconsciously, however, those past events and the upset feelings that surrounded them still live on in our psyches.

We all know that we can be sensitive about certain things in relating. Sometimes we may recognize how our sensitivities relate to past events. Hurt, fear, or anger can linger, preventing us from fully opening again. Similarly, an endless longing, a hunger for revenge, a deep regret, or a stubborn grudge can keep us stuck for years!

In this stuckness, a certain page is still being read from an old chapter of your life – over and over again. Perhaps you don’t even notice how it affects you in the present. Or, if you do recognize the past’s influence, you may believe there is nothing left to do. The state of noncompletion can become normal. Lingering feelings, stories, or negative expectations can become familiar, even comfortable – like old shoes! This card encourages you to say “goodbye” to all those old shoes. Realize that they no longer carry you forward in life today.

What are you sensitive about in a relationship? What seems to make you react? What familiar stories about relating do you tell yourself, over and over again? How might any of these be associated with things left unresolved in your past? It may be time to look at a past event or relationship that continues to simmer deep in your gut. This may even include an issue with your present partner that was never fully resolved in the past and still affects you now.

The card COMPLETION invites you to finally say what you needed to communicate but never said, do what you never did, release and let go, forgive others and yourself, or even say “goodbye.” It doesn’t matter whether the other person is still living or if you can make actual contact with them – because completion happens entirely within you!

Try writing a letter, perhaps one not to be mailed. Write all you need to say to this other person. Explore every feeling you had then and have now – especially feelings you avoid! Include anger, fear, hurt, sadness, sorrow, regrets, what you hoped for, wanted, needed – and what you want, need, and intend for your life now. Cover each of these feelings.

Whether or not you write it down, feel each feeling fully and finally – to its depths. Open your heart to experience feelings you may have been pushing away for years. The point is to get in touch with old, stuck feelings and move through them – once and for all. Then, having achieved a state of emotional completion within yourself, choose what to do with the letter – or what to actually say to the other person, if that is still an option.

When an old story is finally done, you can turn to a fresh blank page and begin the next chapter of your life. You will be more ready and available to live life to its fullest!