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He is very jealous. How can I get him back?

I dated a guy for 2 years. Well, we recently broke up and it’s tearing me up inside. I love him a lot but every time we got into an argument I would tell him that I’m leaving. Eventually he got tired of me saying this and he helped me move. How can I get him back? I left several large items at his home and I have been over there three nights a week since we broke up. Continue reading

Can I get him to fall back in love with me?

My husband walked out on me and our children six months ago. He said he loved me but was not in love with me, no passion, no spark and no click. He said he was unhappy and felt I was too controlling. He also said he felt like he had a chain around his ankle. He also told me that he has been feeling this way five years now. There is no other woman in his life. Continue reading

I would do anything to get her back

I had a some-what mutual breakup with my girlfriend. For five years we were together; a rocky relationship to say the least. We were in one of those relationships where you breakup and get back together over and over again. Most of the time I would be the one to leave because the arguments were just too heated, and she was just so stubborn. Continue reading

How can you tell when the relationship is over?

I have a traveling bug is splitting me and my boyfriend apart. I do not want to finish with him because I love him, but we have had many problems, i.e. sex has gone off, I feel annoyed about living where I do, I feel like I don’t know what I want anymore, about my feelings of attraction to my boyfriend. How do you know when it has come to the end? Continue reading

Drug addiction has hurt our relationship

Before we started dating I heard my boyfriend was very into “partying.” I am naive, so I didn’t know what the descriptions about him meant. After avoiding him for months, he showed up at my door at 4 am wanting to go for a walk. He was acting weird and I asked him if he was alright. He explained that he was on ecstasy. I was so hurt and disappointed I walked away immediately. Continue reading

Can you rebuild intimacy after a breakup?

I fell for her very quickly. We clicked and connected brilliantly. She wanted things to develop slowly. This never happened as we just accelerated our relationship by spending lots of time together. This was OK until she felt in too deep and pulled back. This started a cycle of me chasing, pressuring, and her stepping back and feeling defensive, “like a knife to her throat.” Continue reading

Should we get back together?

We just broke up after being in a two and a half year relationship. We had stopped communicating to each other about our thoughts and feelings. As problems arose, I began to shut myself off to him and he insistently kept asking me questions about what was wrong but he never really let me think about things to answer him truthfully about what was going on. Continue reading

Can we get back together?

I was in a 2 year long-distance relationship. We recently decided to live in the same city, so I moved. I had a lot of trouble adjusting. I wasn’t enjoying my new job or living situation. I over-reacted to everything, was much edgier and angry at times. I called her selfish and we bickered. She felt I wasn’t happy and she wasn’t happy. She broke up with me without much warning. Continue reading

Can you save a marriage if only one wants it?

My husband of 15 years left me and my teenage daughter in November. I was devastated. He is determined not to come home, is buying his own flat and won’t talk about what has happened between us. I know that our relationship had become strained, but I was completely unaware how desperate he was. He will not look at his feelings and share with me how he feels. Continue reading

My soulmate left me for someone else

I was dating my soulmate for two years. We both grew a lot with each other and despite his hurting me, we still agreed that we were one another’s soulmates because of that “connection” we all talk about. However, he met another woman and told me he was in love with her and that she is everything he has ever wanted from a woman. Continue reading

She left me in limbo. Should I move on?

I’m going through a very difficult time. I’ve been involved with a woman for three years and we’ve just separated. She left me in limbo. She told me about a career opportunity outside the country and asked, “You won’t stop me will you?” I was encouraging and supportive. But I also said if we’re going to be apart, we had to assess where we were heading as a couple right? She replied she didn’t know! Continue reading

How can I get my girlfriend back?

My girlfriend and I broke up about 2 weeks ago and I have been miserable ever since. We had been together for only 2 months but we fell deeply in love. We even talked of marriage. She says that she still has feelings for me but whenever I try to talk to her she seems angry with me. I’m dying without her. How do I get her back? Continue reading

How can I stop thinking about my ex?

I was in a relationship for 6 years with it ending VERY badly. We have always had problems. He put his family over me EVERY time. I had enough and broke it off. I found someone else which we were more friends than anything. Well so he came back crawling, crying asking me to marry him and it was just pitiful. Well I gave in and agreed to take him back. Continue reading

He does not trust me

I was in a relationship for two years. I feared that we would never get married and I had actually had visions of him leaving me at the altar. I wanted to get married. I never stopped loving him, but I walked away and moved on. Should we try to patch things up or just move on. Continue reading

My ex wants to get back together

I am having problems with my ex. He wants to get back together. We had been dating off and on for a few years. Some things happened that we broke up. Now he wants back into my life. I still love him because he is my first love and I feel that we are soulmates. What should I do? Continue reading

Should we consider getting back together?

My girlfriend and I have been apart for almost 3 months. She says she loves me and wants to get back together but she isn’t ready yet. My question is should I give her the time she needs even though it has been 3 months? And should I consider getting back with her because if she lost her feelings for me once then it can happen again? Continue reading

How do you move on after a divorce?

I was married to a man for sixteen and a half years. I am now 39 and have been divorced for five years. My question is, after being married for so long, how do you pick up and go on? I thought for sure we were soulmates and would be together until one of us died. But that’s not how it is. So how do you put your trust in someone else and go on with your life? Continue reading

How can I get him back again?

I am a 24 year old young lady and I would like to have an advice from you about my relationship. I have been in a relationship for three years. Recently I had a break up with my guy. I love and miss him a lot. Is there any chance of him getting back together again with me? And I do want him to get back with me and marry me. Can you help? I am desperately in need of him. Should I call him? Continue reading

Is there a second chance after losing trust?

I love my boyfriend, we’ve had a full blown relationship for 9 months, but 2 months into the relationship I was unfaithful enough to kiss another guy, I lost his trust but we still had a great relationship. It ended with a lot of heart ache, and after 6 months of being apart were back together. Continue reading

How can I let go of her, or get her back?

I was in a relationship that I was so happy with. To make a long story short, she dumped me a year ago. I really didn’t see an end to our relationship coming. Whenever we had problems, we always talked, or I was always willing to talk I should say. We generally would make a decision about a problem, and things would slowly change. Anyhow I just cannot let go. Continue reading

How can I get over a bad break up?

I’m having a very difficult time getting over the breakup with my friend. I was closer to him than anyone else I ever met in my life. How do I get over this? I felt like I knew him even before we met. I thought we really could be soulmates. Obviously I was wrong, and the worst part about this is I can’t know why. And I cannot seem to let go. How do I move on? Continue reading

Have I lost my soulmate?

What if you lose your soulmate? I thought I was with my soulmate but after a great beginning we broke up. That was six years ago and I haven’t met anyone like him since. Have I lost the one and only true love of my life? If so, then what is a soulmate? I thought that was the one who you were predestined to be with for the rest of your life. Continue reading