Like roommates, unaffectionate, non-sexual

My marriage needs help. I find myself resentful when I think about the things I want to change but in over 10 years things have only gotten worse. My husband is unaffectionate. Sex is virtually nonexistent. It’s a very isolating feeling to live with someone who feels more like a roommate than a lover or a spouse. Continue reading

We are haunted by past sexual abuse

My love and I have been together going on to 3 years. We are haunted by past sexual abuse. My girlfriend as a child was molested. Her following relationships consisted of unwanted sex and when she was married she believed it was a duty to perform. Once after the marriage she was used once again by someone else. Then came me. Everything seemed OK during the “honeymoon stage” but then things changed. Continue reading

I cannot tell my boyfriend I was raped

I was date-raped three years ago. Now I am with a great guy, but have not been able to tell him about this incident. I asked him whether he could accept someone who had been compromised. His reply was yes, provided he was made aware of everything from the start. Otherwise, he would feel he had been misled. He now suspects I’m hiding something from him. Continue reading

I have sexual performance anxiety

I have recently begun a relationship. We came together quickly and have both been amazed at how much alike we are. Here’s my problem. I care for her so very deeply that I have fallen into some sort of performance anxiety in the sex department, and have not been able to deliver the kind of sexual pleasure to her that I need to. Continue reading

I am a virgin. Am I ready for sex?

Me any my boyfriend are 16, together for about 5 months now, and we are both virgins. We have talked about having sex, and he told me if I was up to it then ok, but if not than he respects that also. I want to, but I’m also scared of the things that can change if we decide to do this. I know he’s the one I love, and the guy that I want to be my first. How do I know if I’m ready or not? Continue reading

He is hooked on porn

My husband has a problem with porn. At first he would just be on the computer a lot looking at it. Now he has gone overboard. I recently found out that my husband asked a 22 year girl to make a porn movie with him and sell it on the internet. I found out before it happened. I don’t know if this was the first or if there has been more. He says this is the first time. Continue reading

My boyfriend wants a threesome

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 months and sparks flew so much. I know he still checks out the ladies and I don’t care that he looks. He wants to have a threesome now but I don’t think that it would be good for our relationship but he doesn’t want to accept that. How do I make him see how that makes me feel even though I understand his need for experimentation? Continue reading

My wife’s sex drive is gone

My wife and I have been married seven years. Since our second child was born about 3 years ago my wife’s sex drive has deteriorated. We use to make love 4 times a week but the last 2 or 3 years we make love maybe 2 times a month. I asked her about this every few months to see what’s going on and she says that she is stressed out or tired. Continue reading

He will not kiss and does not like foreplay

I am at a fork in the road on whether to move towards marriage or to leave. One major issue is in the bedroom. He will not kiss at all and doesn’t like foreplay. I’ve explained to him how this makes me feel and wonder if he is attracted to me. However, he has asked on his own or hinted rather that he’d like me to marry him and I blow him off. Continue reading