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Can we get past broken trust?

I found out my boyfriend had an account with an dating website. I found out he had the account and was looking for a girl for a relationship. I thought I was going to die. I read emails sent to him from girls. I was torn, I didn’t know if I should confront him or not. I, the one who was betrayed was worried about him thinking I was snooping. Continue reading

I cannot trust my girlfriend

I have been with my girlfriend for 1 year. I feel that she could cheat on me at any instant. Not just physical cheating, but emotional as well. She has done a lot that caused me to lose my trust in her. She had a friend (female) who was sleeping over at her house and they made out! She constantly twists the truth and I don’t feel she is always being honest with me. Continue reading

How can I regain trust after lying

I am 33, male, I have been in this relationship for a year now. I really love this girl, we have had some issues, mainly that I have lied to her on some things. I need to do something that shows I am sorry and that she is very important to me. She has requested this, she says that if the love I feel for her is real — and that if I am really sorry — this would be easy to do. Continue reading

Can I trust her after she lied to me?

I am engaged to be married to a woman that has started to concern me. She has an extensive past and I am finding out more daily. She has repeatedly had unprotected casual sex with many partners. She and her last boyfriend had a fight and the next week (while broken up), she became intoxicated and slept with someone else. Then she and her boyfriend made up. Continue reading

Not honest about my past and lost trust

I have been in a relationship with an incredible man for over a year now. We were recently engaged. However, I have created some problems in our relationship that have taken me and us directly to the “hole.” In the beginning of our relationship I wasn’t completely honest about my past. I was afraid of what he would think of me. But now he doesn’t trust me. Continue reading

My girlfriend lies and manipulates

My girlfriend lies and manipulates. She is good at manipulating me into making me feel sorry for her. Her excuse of lying is so that she will “fit in.” She makes me feel bad when there is no need. I would do anything for her. She means the world to me. She doesn’t ask much of me, and she always keeps in touch when we are not together. She makes me feel really good, but bad at times. I don’t want to give up on her. Continue reading

We are in a power struggle

The guy I am with and I are in the midst of a power struggle. It seems he is secretive, or tells only half the story, when it really is nothing that should be a big deal. I wonder if he unconsciously withholds love from me in order to keep the power balance somehow. He rarely compliments me, if at all, and if I say anything about it, he says I am “fishing.” Continue reading

She was unfaithful. How can I trust again?

I have been in a serious relationship with a girl for over two years now. Last year I went overseas for a few months by myself to work. While I was there she couldn’t handle the loneliness and she met another guy. I was devastated when I found out I went home right away. There was no recovery in sight. I moved back to my home town where my family was to try and recollect myself. Continue reading

I kissed his best friend. Should I tell?

My boyfriend and I just got engaged and plan our wedding for a year from now. The problem is that when we first started dating, his best friend came to visit. They went out drinking half the night and my boyfriend fell asleep. In the meantime, his best friend hit on me. Telling me that “he knew I wanted it too.” The fact was, I was very attracted to him. Continue reading

I kept something from him

I met someone online last year from another country. So we really hit it off, and now we are making plans to get married. But I have kept something from him, and that was stupid on my part, and now I am anguished because I will have to tell him sooner or later, and I am very afraid of his reaction, I don’t know how to go about this… Continue reading

We are fighting because he lies to me

Recently my boyfriend and I have been arguing a lot. We are fighting because he lies to me. We never really have argued throughout the time we been together until now. And its like we fight over the same thing all the time. He feels he has to lie to me about things, because he is afraid I will get mad. He tries not to lie but it doesn’t work, he just does it. I find out eventually when he lies and I get so frustrated. Continue reading

Long distance relationship in trouble

My girlfriend and I have been trying to make a long distance relationship work. We both love each other but a situation developed recently and I am going crazy. She has this male friend she spends a lot of time with. She swears to me that there isn’t anything going on. I believe her, but yet there is still that doubt in my mind. Continue reading

He gets voicemails from other women

I have recently gotten engaged after 4 years together with my boyfriend. I am happy, but I’ve found certain things that I think are inappropriate in a relationship. I’ve heard his voicemails and some have been other women. I don’t usually jump to conclusions, but now that I am engaged, I seem to take the relationship a little more serious. Continue reading

Should I tell him I kissed someone else?

I have been dating my fiance for 5 years. During the first 6 months I kissed 4 guys. Each time I was pretty drunk. Now that we are engaged I can’t help feeling awful and guilty now and then. I can’t decide if I should tell him I kissed someone else. I think telling him will hurt him so much and I will only be doing it to make myself feel better. What should I do? To tell or not to tell that is the question. Continue reading