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I am insecure about her friend

I am in a new relationship. In most ways it is great. But there is one thing that bothers me uncontrollably. Just before we got together my girlfriend was dating someone else. It got a little intimate, but he didn’t follow through. Then she met me. She kept talking to him, but was open and honest with both of us. He was a friend, she was dating me. Then he tried something sexual with her. Continue reading

He has a double standard

My boss was hitting on me. I told my fiance and he went nuts. He told me to say something to him. He said I’m too nice and I can’t let this guy get away with this. Well the job my fiance just started, his boss is a women. She likes him. So I told him to do the same things he told me to do. He won’t. Why is it different for me? We are in the same situation yet he won’t take action. Why? Continue reading

I have problems with feeling insecure

I have been seeing a wonderful man for just over a year. We only see each other on weekends as we live in different towns about an hour apart. I have had problems in the past with insecure feelings. I have been working to overcome these feelings and I do feel like I have made a lot progress as I find myself not dwelling on things as much as I used to and sometimes just letting things go. Continue reading

I am jealous and doubt his love

My boyfriend and I went to a club last Saturday. He told me about this girl that he had sex with less than two years ago. He saw her at the club we were at Saturday and was talking to her. I became extremely upset and jealous with him, so we left. He told me who she was and that upset me even more. The next day I felt really bad and apologized to him. Continue reading

I am jealous about her ex

I have been dating a woman for about 6 months. We are in love and have discussed marriage recently. One of the issues that I have is that she has a lot of male friends. She still keeps in touch with one of her old boyfriends who is currently working overseas. She broke up with him about a year and a half ago but he still wants to see her and her daughter when he comes into town. Continue reading

I see less of her and it hurts

My girl girlfriend and I have been going out 4 months. We have been together 24/7 nearly during the time we have been together. But she says she wants to start seeing her best friends more often. This has started and I am seeing less of her and it hurts. I start wondering if I have done something wrong as I don’t crave the attention of anyone else except her. Continue reading

I want to stop feeling angry and jealous

I recently married a wonderful man. I have two problems that are really interfering in my marriage. Jealousy and anger. I cringe every time he mentions a female’s name and the thing is I trust him entirely but I don’t trust the women. I was engaged to a different man many years ago and he cheated on me so unfortunately I have brought that into this relationship. Continue reading

We are in a power struggle

The guy I am with and I are in the midst of a power struggle. It seems he is secretive, or tells only half the story, when it really is nothing that should be a big deal. I wonder if he unconsciously withholds love from me in order to keep the power balance somehow. He rarely compliments me, if at all, and if I say anything about it, he says I am “fishing.” Continue reading

Insecurities are killing our love

After living together with my girlfriend for 2 years we started to have problems. I ended up moving out. That was a year ago. About 6 months later we ended up breaking off the relationship. During this time she ended up meeting another guy. About 2 months later we ended up talking things out and getting back together. Then I found out about that guy. Continue reading

I feel insecure and possessive

I’m 24 and have been with my girlfriend for about a year now. She is everything I want, and I truly feel I have found my soulmate. However, I have these intense feelings of insecurity. I have this fear of losing her and feeling very paranoid when she goes somewhere without me, thinking that she is seeing other guys. Continue reading

He is still attached to his ex

I have a problem with my boyfriend’s ex girlfriend. He was still seeing her when we met. At first it was no big deal, him and I had no commitment and were free to see others. But his actions toward me were telling me he wanted to be with me, yet he was still seeing her. This confused me and I confronted him, but he never gave me a definite answer. Continue reading

She says I am smothering her

My girlfriend and I are very serious and talk of getting married next winter. We moved away to college this September. I have a problem with “smothering her” so she says. She says she needs her space. It’s hard though, because the only friends that she has made are guys. and all I can think is what most college guys want from a beautiful girl. Continue reading

Our fights are driving us apart

My boyfriend and I fight a lot. Our fights are driving us apart. And it’s always because of the same reasons. I get very jealous when he spends his time with other women, even though I know they are just friends. And he reacts very badly when he gets mad at me for being jealous. His first reaction is always to yell and name call and then apologize later. Continue reading

His friendship with a woman bothers me

For the past eight months I have been in a serious relationship with a man that I love very much. I have dedicated myself to this relationship in a way that I have not done so before. This is why my feeling regarding a past fling of his concerns me. Continue reading

I cannot deal with his behavior

I have been with the same guy for five years. For the most part I have been happy, but certain things have happened that have made me doubt him. He has gone through a couple of phases when he drank and smoked a lot. During those times he was completely emotionally unavailable to me. I ended up telling him that if he didn’t change I would leave him. Continue reading

He is possessive and does not trust me

I’ve been with this guy for almost a year, and I have found that he doesn’t like me talking to other guys. The only problem I have with this is that all my friends are guys. After all this time together, of having a faithful relationship, he still doesn’t trust me. Here recently he made a joke with me saying that he had one of his friends coming to my job to basically spy on me… Continue reading

He flirts and I feel insecure

I have been with my boyfriend for a year and living together for 2 months. My problem is that I have insecurities that developed in my previous relationship. My ex cheated on me several times and I guess I’m scared it will happen again. My boyfriend is very friendly, as am I, and sometimes I feel that he is flirting. I know that he loves me, but I get so jealous. Continue reading

He flirts with other women

I have been dating the greatest man I’ve ever met or could hope to meet for almost a year. He is a very outgoing, friendly person, but often crosses the line of what I and others see as flirting. The vast majority of his friends are female and he has a pretty expansive past in terms of number of girlfriends. This combination makes me pretty uncomfortable. Continue reading

I feel left alone and abandoned

I’ve been in a relationship for 4 years and up until about 6 months ago things were good but lately my girlfriend has been going out with her new girl friends a lot and I feel left, abandoned. She used to be my side all the time now I have to try to fit in her busy schedule of friends and am having a hard time dealing with this. I love her and don’t wanna lose her… Continue reading

She is jealous of my ex

My girlfriend of 2 months recently told me that she doesn’t feel she has all my heart. She is jealous of my ex. She believes that I am still in love with my ex whom I went out with for four years, it’s been two years since our break up. We broke up because we know there is no future for us together. I told my girlfriend that my ex and I are just friends (distant friends at that). Continue reading

Long distance relationship in trouble

My girlfriend and I have been trying to make a long distance relationship work. We both love each other but a situation developed recently and I am going crazy. She has this male friend she spends a lot of time with. She swears to me that there isn’t anything going on. I believe her, but yet there is still that doubt in my mind. Continue reading

I feel jealous around his ex

My fiancee of two years is the love of my life and after some time I accept he loves me just as much. It took me so long to believe he loved me because of his ex-girlfriend whom he was with for five years. Whenever I was out with him and she was at the same bar, gig, party he would always stare at her or go over to were she was standing even if she was with her new man. Continue reading