Suffering from too much drama

-- Question for John --

I’m suffering from too much drama. It all started out with this one boy. We really got to know either and we were getting really close and we went out and broke up. It only lasted a couple days but we went back to how we were in the beginning and then we began doing more things and we went out off and on throughout the school year. We had fights but we would always come crawling back together.

And then on the last day of school I had a party he snuck over and we did some things. He asked me out that night I said yes I don’t know why but than 2 days later he broke up with me and than last week we went to the lake and he asked me out and I said yes once again I don’t know why but I guess I love him.

And yesterday we went to the movies and just today his best friend told me how much he liked me and than about an hour ago he broke up with me and didn’t give me a reason he’s like wait and I’m gonna break up with you bye love you and now I’m really confused because is he just using me or what is happening. Please help!

-- Answer from John --

It’s called high drama. You either love it or hate it. You’re hooked on it. You gotta do it again and again. As if something else is going to come out of it. As if.

OK. I did the drama thing for awhile years ago, too. I guess most people go through it at one time or another with some other person who really turns their electricity on full blast.

At a certain point in time, however, one gets reeeeeeeeeeeeeeal sick of it. And then it’s like, oh well, can’t do that anymore.

There’s no telling when that will happen.

I guess it’s like eating a rich dessert. You gobble and gobble and gobble and then gobble some more.

Then you get sick of it.

There is no way to tell you to just let go of the thing, it ain’t good for you, is there? I didn’t think so.

We all gotta figure that one out for ourselves.

These days, when I want that kind of thing in my life, I watch the afternoon soaps on TV.

Or Jerry Springer.