Pain and drama are hurting our relationship

-- Question for John --

Pain and drama are hurting our relationship. We were engaged. My ex and I broke up over his past infatuations with my best friend and I had a thing on a spring break with one of my good friends. But I told him about it as soon as I got back and confessed everything. Now him and my best friend do not talk anymore and we are trying to work things out.

I got drunk last night (by her encouragement) then my old guy friend called and came over (also by her encouragement). They stuck us in a bedroom. I was so mad about something my best friend was telling me about my ex fiance that I almost did stuff but stopped. But when he left I told them all kinds of stuff. Now I regret it and I’m sober and have no idea what to do. Please help me.

-- Answer from John --

I would advise you to stay sober and spend some time alone. You are involved in too much drama and too little self-reflection.

You need to increase your own self-observation skills. You are far too busy paying attention to other people, and that is your main problem.

Spend some time alone and get to know yourself better. Take some time away from all this drama and learn to love yourself and take better care of yourself.

You are acting as if everyone else is in charge of your life, and you are just a victim. IF YOU DO NOT CHANGE THIS ATTITUDE, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE FOR YOU.