My ex wants to get back together

I am having problems with my ex. He wants to get back together. We had been dating off and on for a few years. Some things happened that we broke up. Now he wants back into my life. I still love him because he is my first love and I feel that we are soulmates. What should I do?

Look into your heart and see if you want to try again. If not, say so. If yes, then the two of you need to address what went wrong and learn from it what you each have to do to make it work this time.

In that regard, what we say about soulmates is that it’s one thing to meet a soulmate and another thing to keep them and form a lasting relationship. That takes certain skills. And a lot of potential soulmates split up because — while they tune into the positive feelings about being soulmates — they don’t have the tools to face the challenges and problems that come up in relationship. Real lasting soulmates develop the skills to face and overcome challenges.

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