My boyfriend cheated on me

-- Question for John --

I have been with my boyfriend for only about 2 months. We dated last year and he cheated on me. He says this time it won’t happen again because he feels different for me than last year. My question is how can I keep him totally devoted to me and in love with me?

-- Answer from John --

Get involved in the exploration of how to keep your love growing. Although ultimately you cannot control someone else, if you can create a unique experience within your relationship that it is a place where each of you can be authentically yourselves and be accepted and supported by the other person, you can explore how to expand your love and passion together.

People generally close down because of fear. We each need to learn how to overcome this obstacle in ourselves and create a powerful shared vision with our partner. If you do this, then each of you will know that there is nowhere else to go for anything more powerful than what you are creating together.