Is there a second chance after losing trust?

-- Question for John --

I love my boyfriend, we’ve had a full blown relationship for 9 months, but 2 months into the relationship I was unfaithful enough to kiss another guy, I lost his trust but we still had a great relationship. It ended with a lot of heart ache, and after 6 months of being apart were back together.

I feel things are different now, he’s changed a lot… and I still love him I want things back the way they were. Is there a second chance after losing trust? What can I do?

-- Answer from John --

Things are different now. It is time to act differently and talk together on a deeper level.

Do not hold back, deny or try to avoid discussing anything from the past, but rather attempt to discuss it as allies clearing up and healing things that need to be cleared, forgiven, honored, listened to.

Do this with heart and soul.

The more honest and true you are, the more clear you are with each other, the better things can become.

You cannot go back to the way things were at the beginning.

But you can move forward with deeper trust and respect if you truly allow each other to address all the things that are still in your hearts for each other.