How can I get my girlfriend back?

-- Question for John --

My girlfriend and I broke up about 2 weeks ago and I have been miserable ever since. We had been together for only 2 months but we fell deeply in love. We even talked of marriage. She says that she still has feelings for me but whenever I try to talk to her she seems angry with me. I’m dying without her. How do I get her back?

-- Answer from John --

If she seems angry, maybe she is angry and that has something to do with the breakup. I would probably ask her if she is willing to talk about the reasons for breaking up and find out what has made her so angry. If you can do that, and not defend yourself, and be very open to hear and understand where she is coming from, and what did not work for her, and then directly show her you do understand that, and then directly address that and perhaps even apologize for whatever might have been your part in that, then maybe there is a chance she might be open to continuing the relationship.