First date jitters

-- Question for John --

I am going on a first date with a girl. Could you tell me what exactly to do on the date? Where should I take her? What should I give her (any presents)? What should we talk about? Stuff like that. I am 15 years old. What are impressive things to say to a girl?

-- Answer from John --


Do something completely different that will truly impress her. Something few other guys ever do. That is: don’t try to impress her.

Just relax. Be yourself. Don’t worry about what to talk about. Instead, be a good listener. Go to a movie. Then talk about it afterwards. Go to a movie that she would like to see. Maybe that’s not a shoot-em-up action film, but more of a film that has relationship stuff in it. A chick flick. Then ask her what she thought of it. Then you say what you liked or not about it. Just be yourself!

Good luck!